Art at The Newbury


The Newbury Boston is a “21st-century salon for the arts,” a destination for connecting and sharing, a place where modern makers are creating new cultural communities and upmarket economies. The art collection at The Newbury reaches back into the rich history of the city and property, considering both as a source and stage, for a collection of works that offer guests and visitors an experience of beauty for all the senses.

Discover a carefully curated collection showcasing contemporary artists who are shaping the art world with new technology and innovative techniques. The collection illustrates the story of the property with elegance, style, rich visual flavor, and a bit of wit. The pieces on display are masterfully executed formal responses to the natural and architectural setting that is the foundation of Boston’s history and to the new chapter that is Newbury.

Journey through the Art at The Newbury – a place where artistic appreciation and philosophical discourse intersect.

The Curators

Mike Carroll and Lynne Kortenhaus: C + K ART ADVISORY
Mike Carroll and Lynne Kortenhaus have been curating, producing, advising and managing fine art collections for private, corporate, and institutional clients for more than 30 years.

Carroll and Kortenhaus are trained visual artists and continue their craft. They are in touch with numerous artist’s studios connected to their Advisory and are cultural contributors in the Boston area, working to advocate for artists and emerging artists in the non-profit arts arena, in the public realm and in businesses to create intersectional spaces where all these areas can flourish.