Discover Boston Save 10% and More

Discover Boston Save 10% and More

Book a new meeting and save on rooms, banquet and more!

Book a new meeting within the dates listed below to receive 10% off all rooms booked and a 10% rebate off the Banquet and Master Bill. In addition, select one of our exclusive concessions for every 30 rooms contracted.

Program Dates:

11/18/2024 - 4/17/2025

11/17/2025 - 3/31/2026

- Complimentary premium high-speed Wi-Fi in all guest rooms andmeeting space

- 20% discount from published in-house audio-visual pricing.

- Room upgrades for your VIPs (up to 3)

- Complimentary amenities for 3 VIPs valued at $100 each.

- 1 complimentary room night per 40 paid rooms each day

- 20% allowable attrition

- Discounted staff room rate of 10% off group rate (up to 3)

Request for Proposal

*Offer not valid for previously contracted groups. Minimum of 30 cumulative room nights required to qualify. Offer may be cancelled without notice. Actual number of selections earned will be based on guest rooms reserved at cut-off date. This enhancement is extended to groups that contract by August 15, 2024, and actualize by August 31, 2024.