Exploring Boston's Winter Romantic Getaways

Sweep your partner off of their feet with the romance of an enchanting winter hideaway in Boston.

Valentine’s Day at Boston’s Most Romantic Venue

Boston offers an array of cozy sanctuaries for your next romantic getaway, that create a tableau of warmth and romance against the backdrop of a snow dusted city.

A Winter Promenade

Boston's Commonwealth Avenue Mall becomes a winter dreamscape. Twinkling white lights, up all winter long, add a bewitching allure, especially with a dusting of snow. Stroll hand in hand under the luminescent canopy, meandering through the hushed streets and take in the historic brownstones that line the street on each side.  A quick diversion to a café on Newbury Street is the perfect complement for this romantic winter wander. 

Wintergarden Reverie

For connoisseurs of both art and nature, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum offers a sanctuary of unparalleled grace. While the collection in the museum is a fascinating look at art through the ages, it is the courtyard garden that beckons lovers with its timeless romance. This hidden Eden is the perfect winter respite. Seek out a secluded bench and let the tranquil ambiance envelop you as you take in the beauty of the courtyard and the priceless artwork around you.

Historic Stroll

Boston's North End, steeped in Italian charm and culinary splendor, beckons to those in search of a memorable evening of romance. The North End’s winding streets are the ideal spot to walk through Boston’s history. Explorers can seek refuge in charming cafes and trattorias, where cups of velvety hot cocoa, glasses of wine or delectable Italian pastries await. 

Fireside Rendezvous

Once you’ve explored the city, a return for a fireside cocktail at The Street Bar is the perfect finish for the day or evening.  Sip classic cocktails, lounge near the fireplace and on those perfect nights flakes of snow will fall over the Public Garden creating the perfect romantic getaway ambience.  And, for an even more unforgettable stay, book a fireplace suite and have the fireplace butler lay a wood burning fire with your choice of wood varietals to set the perfect mood.

Boston, where history, culture, and elegance converge, is a city that provides the perfect backdrop for your love story to evolve into a masterpiece of shared moments. 

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