Dear Boston, She’s Back.

Come fall in love with her again.

October 26, 2020

We’ve encountered each other before, some might say “in a past life,” at one of Boston’s most celebrated addresses: One Newbury Street. An intersection of leaders, innovators, and the casual passersby. Where the historic Back Bay meets noble Beacon Hill.

How charming to think back upon our time together, before.  Whether you thought of me as the “Old Ritz” or think back on special memories within my walls, I’ve always been distinguished by guests from near and far who gathered for milestone events, quiet moments, and treasured experiences.

I’ve spent these last years quietly reimagining what the future would hold for me, reflecting on what luxury is today, envisioning what glamour feels like in a modern time. The result?  Well, I’d say, spectacular!

I’ve not gone it alone. Treasured visionaries, Jeffrey Beers, Ken Fulk, and Alexandra Champalimaud, have breathed new life into my iconic building through a thoughtful design from the front entrance and lobby, public spaces and guestrooms, and to my unparalleled rooftop. Each talented team has used the spirit of my heritage, adding their sophisticated and timeless touch to create a luxury experience and destination for today.

Within the walls of my beautifully curated modern spaces, glamorous venues, historic ballrooms, and residential guest rooms, you’ll find inspiration from many “artists.” Mario Carbone, April Soderstrom, Veronica Lawlor, Bernardaud, Phil Poynter, and BYREDO have embraced my past and redirected my future, bringing the intangibles of residential hospitality to life.

But I’ll not tell you all my secrets! Not yet, anyway.

This adventure has been nearly a century in the making. Join me for a drink, spend the night, share your stories, but most of all let’s create new memories together.

I look forward to seeing you this Winter 2020.

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