Postcards from The Newbury Boston by Veronica Lawlor

Your invitation to travel around the world from Boston.

November 10, 2020

Today we celebrate a year. A year since Veronica Lawlor first illustrated all fourteen postcards of The Newbury Boston. A year since we’ve imagined what the new Newbury would look like. A year since rethinking what our guests will feel like as they take their first steps back into the main lobby, let alone their first steps back into travel again. This year has held a lot of uncertainty for us all, but we’re ready to open up the doors and let you dive deep into a world unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

We sit down with acclaimed Studio 1482 illustrator Veronica Lawlor to reflect on The Newbury Boston. As an instructor at the prestigious Pratt Institute and Parsons School of Design, Veronica's work has been shown at the Louvre, the Puck Gallery, Gallery 1482, and more. Veronica's romantically inclined illustrations have brought her to countless cities around the world, and now she's here in Boston.

Take a scroll through an autumn afternoon as shared by Veronica Lawlor, who unlocks the door to a well-crafted life at The Newbury Boston– something that you’ll experience in a few short months. We can’t wait to show you around this winter. 



When did you visit the property and where was your main point of focus for the project?

It seems like eons ago, but this past Fall I was commissioned to create on-site illustrations of Boston, Massachusetts, to celebrate the opening of The Newbury Boston, near the entrance to the Public Gardens. For four delightful days, I focused on Newbury Street, the Beacon Hill area, and of course, the Public Garden itself.


The Boston Public Garden is truly spectacular. We’re really lucky to have such incredible views from The Newbury Boston. What were some of your favorite pictures to create whilst in the park?

For my part, I enjoyed the quiet, personal feeling of the park, and I probably spent more time than I needed to draw the large pond by the Commonwealth Avenue entrance. The Boston Public Garden is the first public botanical garden in America where you can find many iconic fountains and statues – including Thomas Ball’s monument of George Washington in the drawing above. 
The Public Garden really made me feel the notion that public spaces are for the community. The overall feeling was very intimate with little kids and their grandparents feeding the birds, local residents jogging, happy couples getting married, and young girls in their Quinceañera dresses.
The swan boats drifting amongst the willow trees added a sense of romance to the whole picture. It was hard to put my pen and paper away and move onto the next scene.
In the below illustration is a center of attraction for the kids: a statue dedicated to the children’s book, Make Way for Ducklings, written and illustrated by Robert McCloskey. The statue is the cutest; a row of little brass ducklings led by their Momma, whom the little ones love to climb on. 


As you moved through the park and into Beacon Hill, what was your first impression?

Wow, what an elegant place. Standing in front of one of the most famous tree-lined streets, Acorn Street, I could feel myself transported to the late 18th Century.
Strolling back down from Beacon Hill, I then took a tour of Newbury Street, to draw some more restaurants and cafes along the cobblestone path. 


A beautiful tour of our neighborhood. How did you typically start the night after a long day exploring in Boston? 

Once back on Newbury Street, I would usually end my day of drawing here, to relax, have a little late supper, and review my work for the day. 
At times like these, I feel so lucky to be a reportage illustrator. My work combines all of the things I love to do – drawing, traveling, meeting people, and spending time in beautiful places.


How did you like staying at The Newbury Boston?

What a beautiful room, what a lovely view, what a delicious breakfast buffet every morning! I still think about that breakfast, served in an expansive dining room with damask tablecloths. The service was exquisite, too.
My first night back home, I was looking for the slippers waiting next to my bed. 



Discover the best of Boston with Veronica Lawlor and find one of her brilliantly crafted illustrations in each of The Newbury Boston guest rooms. 

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